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Tim Hatfield Bio

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am here to provide you with not only music that I have played throughout my career but also music that I've taught myself how to play and like to listen to and enjoy. I am also starting to record my originals that I've had stockpiled for years. They will be released every few months or so. 

Here are some facts about me:

* Born and raised in Flint, Michigan. Lived outside of Flint in Davison Michigan. Moved to Sault Ste. Marie in the fall of 1967. Just in time to start my freshman year of high school.

* Have been a professional musician for over 50 years.

* Started out playing the trombone in school at the age of 10. Received my first guitar for Christmas, 1964.

* Self taught guitarist. I received a book on how to play chords and a book on how to play notes when I got my first guitar for Christmas 1964.

* Taught music/guitar at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.
* Member of the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland
* Opened for the band America while on tour.
* Have played in much of the midwest.  Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky.
* Have also been a studio musician, filling in whenever and wherever I was needed.
* Have played for dignitaries, mayors, state representatives, boat tour
dinners, casino's, weddings, private parties, bars, lounges, large and small outdoor concerts, church's, high school dances and just about any other venue you can think of.
* I've also played with some the best musicians in the neighborhood. (listed below)
Names include and not in any particular order:

John Antonelli
Jim Belleau
Don Benoit
Rob Benjamin
Bruce Bourque
Otis Brooks
Terry Bumstead
Chad Cardinal 
Mike Cavanaugh
Joel Champagne
Dave Clarke
Wesley Cook
Lisa Cryderman
Jim Cvengros
Mick Dalla-Vee
Joe Delmonte 
Richard Delmonte
Frank Deluca
Rich DeMolen
Don Dolezel 
Rick Farner
Brian Fox
Butch Fredrickson
Steve Francis
Frank Gillotte
Mark Gillotte
Joe Gillotte
Steve Gillotte
Chow Goetz
Ken Goetz
Mark Gough
Mona Hall
Tim Hall
Joel Hamilton
Richard Hill
Tony Hubbard
Jeff Jackson
Kelly Jackson
Michael Jackson
Billy Johnson
Liz Lawrence 
Mike Lawrence
Wayne Lawrence
Sam Lightfoot
Rick Mason
George Matheson
Ray Mayer Sr.
Ray Mayer Jr.
Russel Mayer 
Larry McGahey
Chuck McGill
Kyle McKey
Scott "Beck" McPherson
Bill Morgan
Gordy Moon
Ken Murphy
Susie Nelson
Dave Ogorman
John Ordiway
Phil Ordiway
Steve Pervarnic
Rick Proffitt 
Jeff Sauro
Pat Sauro
Tom Savoie
Steph Stabile 
Bill Stanaway
Brian Stanaway
Dave Stanaway 
The String Kelly Hobo Choir
Ken Stott
Brian Swart
Dave Swart 
Henry Switzer
Jorin Thorpe
Brian Tremblay
Lynn Tremblay
Randy Tucker
Mike Urich
Dennis Verrett
Larry Verrett
Paul Wade
Bob Wade
Paul Winekie
Bob Yeomans
Special thanks to everyone that has followed me and the groups I've been in through out the years. 
If there is someone that I've neglected to enter, please e-mail me and I will add your name.

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